naad Live Volumes 1 and 2

We're happy to announce the release of two new live albums! Over two hours of music represent the culmination of live concerts at the Bridge and Enrich community studio in Vancouver, B.C.

Purchase Naad Live Volume 1 and Volume 2 on Bandcamp

In addition to our core group, you'll hear a diverse cast of creative guest musicians playing beautiful and unusual instruments such as the guzheng (Chinese Zither), hang drum, mbira (Zimbabwean thumb piano) and many more.

We invite you on a two-hour journey with us across landscapes of sound, spirit and mantra. The music is totally improvised, soaring through sublime skies, diving into earthly depths and floating gently on the calm waters of vibration.

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is a Punjabi word, rooted in the Sanskrit “nada”, meaning Cosmic Sound, or Vibrations of the Cosmos.

photos on this website by Micheal Julian Berz.